Angarak Yog

There are many YOGAS in astrology. Some of them provide unvaluable wealth while some of them may be the cause of destruction. A new yoga is formed when any planet comes in the contact of other planets. A new yoga is formed when plantes move. Good people are born, when planets make good yoga in certain time. New inventions are invented which give comforts and pleasure to the worldly people. The conditions of plantes are not same always. These planets have the power to take or to give the life to the people. A new yoga has been formed by such planets. This yoga is known as "ANGARAK YOGA". According to the name of this yoga, it has effect on the persons. The planets have formed such yoga in the sky.

MANGAL has entered in Cark on 28th April at 14:28 Rahu has entered in Makar on 29th April at 25:28. The connection of these planets has made ANGARAK YOGA. Heavy Storm, earthquake raised in China and distruction by flood are some burning examples of "ANGARAK YOGA". The bad effect of this yoga will be increased as it becomes stronger. The effect of this yoga will be seen in Mash, Scorpio, Cark and Makar.

The effect of this yoga will be effected during 29th April to 9th August but special effect will be seen when Mangal and Rahu etc. will come on the special degree angle. This will be on 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th June. So the persons belong to Aries, Scorpio, Cark, Makar, will have to live carefully. During this time, above concerning persons may be the victims of mental disturbance, Mishappenings, failureness in works and efforts, etc. yourmyth can make horrible mentality. Behaviour of your partner can be untolerable for you. You may be suffered by health problem.

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