Location and Buying

The location on the plot is very important as the surroundings have a lot of effects on us, directly and indirectly. You must take care of the following things:

One should not buy the land from people suffering from prolonged sickness or who have become insolvent, distressed or unfortunate people as the atmosphere of the particular space depends on the people living there.

The soil of the land should not contain ant-hills, bones, skeletons.

Old houses which are damaged due to fire, lighting, rain and storm etc., are not good.
You should not buy the land which is sandwiched between two huge buildings.

Vedh shoola (T-point defect) is the most common defect seen in most of the houses or the plots. Vedh means the road and Shool means the spear, which means the road that runs straight into the face of a plot like a spear obstructing the prosperity of the plot, it is called Vedh shoola. So, the plot at the T- junction should be avoided.
Topography and Surroundings

There are several factors which make a plot useable or non useable. The four directions, the shape, the existence of highways, cremation places, rivers, wells, places of worships, they all influence the VAASTU of the place.

There should not be any cemetery graveyard, tomb adjacent to the plot or in front or the back. If this is the condition, the people residing in that house will live in fear and will never have the peace of mind.

A temple, church, mosque also should not be in front of any house otherwise the inmates will always be sick and mentally upset.

Falling of shadows of the temples and trees nearby on the main building brings undesirable problems.

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